Installing Guest Additions in VirtualBox for Kali Linux Rolling


I just set up yet another VM with Kali (because I broke mine, which is typical, I do this several times a year and never take snapshots, I like to install fresh, saving tools/scripts in a shared directory) and had the “copy-paste” between Host and Guest with Bi-Directional sharing enabled problem (this means despite being told to copy and paste between the two, it wasn’t) so I thought I’d share my notes on how I’ve gotten it to work in the past.

I first do this



If after this it doesn’t work, go to the Devices menu of your Virtualbox program window.

Click “Insert Guest Additions CD image”
It creates a VboxAdditions_(versionofOracleboxyouarerunning)_somenumber CD image file on the desktop of your Kali linux VM.

Double click this and a window will appear
Right click and copy the file and paste it to your Desktop
Close out of the window
Open Terminal



And you should now have a full screen (if that was your problem) and/or copy-paste between host and guest should now be restored.

One thought on “Installing Guest Additions in VirtualBox for Kali Linux Rolling

  1. Lol, I’ve been doing the same start from scratch thing for weeks with my server while attempting to add snort 3 alpha 4 with inline IDS/IPS active. The afpacket daq wouldn’t work for the purpose, in fact at least a week of my issues was from the various attempts to make it work. I finally started doing snapshots, but holy damn did your “breaking” line hit home hah. Finally got it all functional via netfilter-queue mere minutes ago. Next project I’m working on is a vagrant macOS build so my apple goodies can actually speak with my Linux computer. My Kali install I did with full disk encryption in a way as to allow hibernation to prevent physical access and a ducky, teensy or other script that can run and hack despite a locked computer. Frankly, I’m digging Linux over the other Opperating systems I’ve played with. This pirate surfs the net with kali-Linux-all and it’s armada at all times. ❤️💕 The shit out of my Kali.

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